The Complete Chronicles of Sabin The Wolf And Company

The Journal of the wolf | 4th Day of the Stag | Great Wood Camp

New Crew

I find myself amongst an interesting set of individuals, though between that Dwarf’s colossal Battleaxe and the killing potential of the rouge I am certain our mission will be survivable. Strange perhaps, but survivable for sure. That Dwarf is the respectable Paladin, Servant of Moradin, Baron Von Torvek I came to learn later. And as for the rouge, the half-elf shadow goes by the name of Blitzen, son of Bo Oxbow A master marksman, Ranger and weathered traveller who also joined us on our mission.
A strange Man with two blades going by the Alias " Madtired " also joins us for a fee. This mercenary in particular stands out as a questionable character among our otherwise fine company.
The scenery here is quiet and fresh, I find it hard to breathe in this mountain air, Torvek mocks my inability to keep up with his incredible stamina. The trees blanket us from the harsh mountain terrain. The wind rustling the branches sounds like an epic army. We leave tomorrow morning… I am fairly confident


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